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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

An Interview with Beadstorm Jewellery

Hello again, apologies for missing a few days, but was away. Here is my next interview of a lovely lady from Folksy, check out her page, she has amazing items.

1.      What is your business name, and why did you chose that name?
It’s called ‘BeadstormJewellery’ & I’m trying to remember how I eventually settled on the name.
I agonised for ages trying to come up with a catchy name, I looked at ancient gods & goddesses names for inspiration; thought of all sorts of names with ‘bead’ in them, but so many were already in use. In the end I thought I’d go for something a bit random and ‘beadstorm’ came into my head while I was trying to get to sleep one night. I wrote it down quickly in case I forgot it by the morning.

2.      When did you start creating, and when did you start selling your creations?
I started creating around February this year, sold a few items for next to nothing on ebay, then in July I approached a new local boutique to see if they would consider selling some of my jewellery, which they did. I only opened my Folksy shop at the beginning of September

3.      Who/what inspired you to follow the type of craft that you do?
My daughter in a way.
I’ve always loved jewellery and gemstones, but never thought about making anything until my daughter needed some supplies for the bracelet that she was making for her Product Design GCSE project. I went to see if I could find them in a well-known shop for craft-type things and was amazed at the jewellery making supplies that they stocked. A few days later I went back and had another look, bought a magazine, looked at some of the suppliers’ websites who were advertising. It opened up a whole new world that I didn’t know existed, and I was hooked!

4.      And where does the inspiration for specific items come from? 
I tend to look at the beads that I’ve got and team them together and see what then comes to mind.
My ‘Autumn Leaves’ earrings came about in this way – the beads & crystals made me think of autumn, and then a filigree leaf was clearly needed to finish them

5.      Where do you sell your items from?
At the moment only on Folksy ( ) & at the boutique that I mentioned earlier.
I’ve booked to do a craft fair later in the year, plus I’m trying to find other places to sell.

6.      What are your favourite pieces and why? 
I find it difficult to pick out favourites – but maybe ‘Pastures Green’ necklace – I love the gemstones in it – particularly the long piece of kiwi jasper. Also ‘Secret beauty’ earrings – they’re made with labradorite, which is so pretty. When it catches the light the flecks of colour in it are amazing….

7.      Do you do any other crafts? And if so which ones, are they just for fun or do you sell other item too?
Not at all – all other crafts are beyond me. I did try card making for a while, but I didn’t come up with much and my daughter did much better than me!
I don’t even attempt to sew since I had a bad experience at school with an out-of-control sewing machine

8.      If you sell any other items where do you sell them? (again links please)
The boutique where I have some items is  - but all sales are through physically visiting the shop

9.      Where do you do your crafts? i.e. do you have a studio, sewing room etc 
Mainly in our lounge, which I take over several evenings a week.
I tend to take my photos either in the lounge too, or the conservatory, depending on the light, plus recently I’ve tried taking a few outside in the garden, until it started raining

10.  Are there any other crafts you would like to try? And what is it that makes you want to try them?
Not really – the jewellery making takes up a lot of my time – I don’t think I could fit anything else in

11.  What are your favourite websites and why? 
 There are so many fabulous shops on Folksy that I keep getting distracted by. I love Cinnamon Jewellery & JewelleryByZM, but there are so many other great ones too

12.  Do you have any plans/dreams for your future to do with your crafts?
Just to try to sell more so that I can buy more gemstones to make more! It’s great when people like the things you make, and I guess being prepared to buy something that you’ve made is a great compliment and really motivating.

I hope you enjoyed today's blog, I know I loved browsing her Folksy shop, and am sooooo tempted by most of her earrings.

Signing off for today

F xx

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