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Friday, 30 September 2011

An Interview with Mosaic Tree

Hi again,
my interview today is a lovely lady from Folksy - Mosaic Tree, I hope you enjoy her answers to my questions

1.      What is your business name, and why did you chose that name?
Mosaic Tree is the name.  The name was at the back of my mind, long before the business came along so I already felt an affinity to it and it seemed the perfect choice when Mosaic Tree was created.

2.      When did you start creating, and when did you start selling your creations?
I’ve always enjoyed crafting but never focused on it until about 18 months ago when I started knitting and set up my online Folksy shop 6 months after.

3.      Who/what inspired you to follow the type of craft that you do?
A child’s set of knitting needles, a ball of acrylic wool and a ‘how to knit’ book – all borrowed from my then 8 year old daughter!  My inspiration was a strong desire to be creative – much of my working life has been in the voluntary/public sector, often office based, so this been a real difference for me and very rewarding for that very reason.

4.      And where does the inspiration for specific items come from? 

Colours are my inspiration – I tend to almost think in colour – autumn hedgerows, sunsets, even the colour scheme at a holiday cottage! 

Mobile phone covers were in the ‘how to knit’ book.  Variations to the basic design soon followed such as cable twist and additional details such as the knitted heart and the spiral. New lines evolve for different reasons; I’ll try something new as a present for someone or in response to a commission.

Where do you sell your items from?
Online shop –
Craft fairs – keep in touch via for upcoming events.
Coming soon – – a site to buy all things sourced locally in Somerset.
Word of mouth

5.      What are your favourite pieces and why? (links would be great then I can promote them for you)
One of my favourites are the Mosaic Tree tassel necklaces, particularly the sari accent ones.  They’re unusual so attract compliments, I love the colour combinations and so light weight, I forget I’m wearing one. 

6.      Where do you do your crafts? i.e. do you have a studio, sewing room etc 

Anywhere and everywhere!  Knitting is the ultimate craft in terms of portability – you may catch me knitting waiting for the train, in the car, drinking coffee (taking care not to spill the coffee of course!), in my lunch hour……

7.      What are your favourite websites and why? – the forum on here is always a friendly place to hang out with other crafters, well worth a visit. – a bit like a global knitting club.  Its where I go when I need knitting advice. – supporting local indie businesses in Somerset.  Soon to stock Mosaic Tree items.  I’m clearly biased being a local gal myself!

8.      Do you have any plans/dreams for your future to do with your crafts?
Having the time and budget to devote to trying out new types of crafts.  On a realistic level, more time to develop new product lines would be fab.  My ultimate dream of home-work life balance is to be home based for crafting and earn a living wage from it…better stop nattering and get back to my knitting needles if I want to make that one happen!

9.      Keep in touch with Mosaic Tree
Twitter –!/MosaicTree
On line shop –

I hope you enjoyed reading about Mosaic Tree, do go and visit her shop as she has some truly lovely items.
Signing off for today
F xx


  1. Thanks for publishing this interview. :)

  2. you're welcome, hope it was ok, and that you liked the pictures that I chose