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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lilac Items in Honour of Lilac Group

I have decided to do a blog featuring Lilac items, in honour of my Lilac group in CRAFTfest, I hope you enjoy my selections, and please come back for my blog where I will be featuring members of Lilac Group and I'll tell you more about them. Happy browsing

Lilac Pinboard   Merudu

lilac mouse  needles and buttons

Lilac Coral  Jane Loudon Accessories

Flower Fairy Wall Hanging Lilac  Perfect Patchwork

Lilac Crochet Bead Earrings  Froosh Maroosh

Lilac Cupcake Flower Pot  Fabulous Coconut

Bag, lilac dreams  Marice's World

Lilac daisies card  Busybeecards handmade cards for all occasions

Lush Lilac Charm Bracelet  Creative Treasures


Lilac Elelphant Keepsake Box  Kippers Keepsakes

I hope you enjoyed browsing, and don't forget I will soon be posting a blog featuring members of Lilac Group

signing off for today

F xx








  1. You've chosen some lovely items and you're Flower Fairy wall hanging brings back memories from when I was a little girl. Creative Treasures bracelet has a beautiful arrangement & colours and Fabulous Coconut's flower pot would look so sweet in any home. Thank you for including my handbag. Marice ;0)

  2. your welcome, and thanks for visiting my blog

    Felicity xx

  3. Lilac is such a lovely colour, I have used it a lot on my Plaques, you have chosen some lovely items.

    Jan x

  4. thank you, and thank you for reading my blog

    F xx