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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

How I began

Hello again, today I have decided to tell you a little bit about myself.

I started sewing as a very young child; taught by my mother; and I began my first quilt at the age of 13. This was in the traditional hand piecing method, of hexagons. It was during a period of 3 concurrent illnesses, Chickenpox, Measles and German Measles; when I was off of school for a number of weeks; and banned from seeing my friends to reduce the risk of spreading infection. I was as you can imagine, very bored, hence the beginning of a very time consuming project.

This quilt; made from old favourite clothes and remnants from my mum’s dress making; was picked up and put down a number of times, but was eventually finished, and took pride of place on my mum’s bed; sadly it was not found after her death. This is not mine, but shows the type of design I worked on.

This is where my adventure began – I went on to learn sewing on a machine, and hand knitting (also taught by my mum), and later crochet (taught by my God mother). I have crocheted blankets in the traditional ‘granny squares pattern, and even crocheted my first child’s baby shawl, (I unfortunately no longer have that either); but this picture shows the style of it

I briefly explored machine knitting, and while this was brilliant when my children were little, it didn’t feel creative enough for me so in the early 90’s a friend and I decided to do a few ‘away weekends’ to try some other crafty things. Firstly we went to West Yorkshire and tried Lace Making; and this was followed by a trip to Whitby (very close to) to do Patchwork with Maggie Martin (who still offers great weekends – accommodation and sewing).


 Both of these became favourites of mine, and I later joined a local Lace making class, and continued with the patchwork at home.

I very rarely make lace these days, due to time constraints, but have followed the patchwork route very closely.

I launched my website in late 2009 ( ), and have recently opened a Folksy shop ( ) and joined Twitter(!/PerfecPatchwork  ) and Creative Connections. In my travels I have met some wonderful people, and have some good friends on Facebook and Creative Connections.

Recently I have become involved with Creative Connection’s CRAFTfest; I took part in the first one, and have become a team leader (Lilac team) for the upcoming one in November. The teams have been set up to help support new members of the site, and for mutual promotion. I love this involvement and will soon be posting a blog on my team members and their crafts. Creative Connections has an amazing site, with blogs, forums, groups, and the most superb online magazine which is absolutely free; and even a chat room for when you are work avoiding, or having a brain freeze. There is usually someone to chat too, or to help with any little problems; for all you crafty  people out there it is well worth checking out, (and free to join) 

My plans are to further explore creating one off designs and in particular I’d like to create some landscape quilted wall hangings incorporating hand painted fabrics; a skill I have just begun. I would like to incorporate a range of fabrics and techniques including embroidery, fabric painting, appliqué and of course patchwork.

I will keep you updated with how this progresses, but in the more immediate future I have been asked to create some bags by upcycling T-shirts (100% cotton of course), and my brain is overflowing with ideas, and I have even been and bought some chains! – watch this space to find out what they are for! I will post photos when they are finished.

Hope you enjoyed the little insight

Signing off for today

F xx


  1. That was great, very interesting. Love the fairy wall hanging. I know what you mean about ideas flowing.

  2. Thanks, its always good to see that someone actually reads what you've written, glad you enjoyed it.