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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Interview of Moseley's Giftware

Hi again, today my blog is an interview of a lovely Lady 

I asked her a selection of questions and here are her answers:

1.      What is your business name, and why did you chose that name?
My business name is Moseley’s Giftware; I chose it because Moseley is my family name. My grandpa Moseley, who passed away last year, would be so proud if he knew our name was carrying on through business.
2.      When did you start creating, and when did you start selling your creations?
I have always been interested in arts and crafts, creating things for as long as I can remember. However, I decided to start channelling my efforts into making things in March, and began selling them this September. It’s all quite new for me!
3.      Who/what inspired you to follow the type of craft that you do?
I have tried out lots of crafts, and I just carried on with the ones that I liked. I did a beading course with my mother six years ago, and have been making jewellery ever since. The only difference is that now I am working with sterling silver, freshwater pearls and gemstones! Knitting is a relatively new thing for me – I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit so that I could make tea cosies, and that is exactly what I did. My friend Helen taught me a few months ago, and I’ve already made over 20 cosies!
4.      And where does the inspiration for specific items come from?
My jewellery is all inspired by the notions of elegance, timelessness, and femininity. I wanted to create pieces that would stand the test of time, and be worn over and over again, in a number of different settings. My most popular are the cascade sets, which feature pearls hanging from a sterling silver chain.

   I was inspired to make candles by my aunt, who many years ago began making candles in vintage teacups. I thought they were very quaint, but decided that I wanted to make something that lit up the room a little more. I carefully selected vintage glassware, which does the job perfectly, as it is transparent. The vintage sherry flute candle is the one I’m most proud of:

   With regards to the tea cosies, I’m sure the idea came in a dream! We wear bobble hats to keep warm, so it made perfect sense to make bobble hats for teapots! I sourced some vintage tea pots, which serve well as models for the cosies, but can be purchased too!

5.      Where do you sell your items from?
I have my own website, Locally, I sell on the Makerhood site, which aims to promote ‘meeting the maker’: . I sell on Etsy:, and have just started on Folksy:!
6.      What are your favourite pieces and why?
My favourite piece of jewellery is the freshwater pearl and amethyst cascade set; the pearls and the amethysts hang down from different links of sterling silver chain. The cascade hangs on a 16” sterling silver curb chain. I could wear it with anything I own!
My favourite tea cosy is knitted with a blue-grey acrylic and wool yarn, and has a dusty pink bobble on the top. It is just too cute!
I also love this card from my Photographics Range:
. The dew on the flower is just so pretty, and the picture is really well focussed. It takes me back to the wet day in Sydney where I took the picture.

7.      Do you do any other crafts? And if so which ones, are they just for fun or do you sell other item too?
I enjoy crochet. I am hoping to start making brooches that I can sell. I like paper marbelling too, but I don’t do this too often, and I don’t intend to sell the results!
8.      Where do you do your crafts? i.e. do you have a studio, sewing room etc
I simply have a desk in my lounge! Rather boring I’m afraid – I would love a studio! I knit and make jewellery on the sofa, but make the cards on the desk.
9.      Are there any other crafts you would like to try? And what is it that makes you want to try them?
I want to try silversmithing, because I want to be able to make something beautiful to my own design. Luckily, I’ve just been accepted onto a silversmith diploma course, so I will get to try it!
10.  What are your favourite websites and why? – it’s my website, so I love it! has so many supportive people in it – it is an invaluable resource for any crafter. is useful for craft supplies, especially when they have a sale on! tells people about my local market which I sell at, so it’s on my favourites list.
11.  Do you have any plans/dreams for your future to do with your crafts?
I would love to get some of my products into shops around the country, and I would love to be able to create a selection of sterling silver jewellery with my newfound jewellery manufacture skills.

I hope you enjoyed reading that, I find her range superb, so an ideal place for shopping.

Signing off for today

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