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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Introduction to Perfect Patchwork

Hi and welcome to my first Blog.

I just wanted to introduce myself, I am Felicity and I run Perfect Patchwork; where I try and offer one off designs in patchwork and quilting. My ethos is, if you can imagine it I can make it, (this is usually the case!). I only use 100% cotton fabrics of top quality, and 80/20 batting, so you know you will get a quality (Perfect) Patchwork quilt. Perfect Patchwork began in late 2009 and came about as a result of a long term dream - I had always wanted my own website - and found that I had enough cash to do it, so I took the plunge. I am still learning 2 years later, and am sure I will be learning forever, (I'm not sure I can learn as fast as things change!!); but am absolutely loving it, just wish I had started before. My logo was designed for me based on a photograph of a wall hanging which I made (and could have sold 5 times over!)
I’m going to keep this short for now, but keep your eyes peeled for future blogs, including tips for promoting your business and 'how to makes', interesting links on the internet and probably many more, I will deffo do some theme blogs, as I love window shopping (just need to lock my credit card away before I start! lol)

 I am going to try and make this 'blogging' a regular thing so keep your eyes peeled for some fun and informative posts - will have to get my thinking cap on!  (ooh I remember MinXtures (a friend from  and )  saying she was going to make one - will have to speak to her)

I would love to hear from people, let me know what  topics you'd like me to cover, or any specific 'how to makes' you'd like to see; any feedback is always welcome, and please tell your friends about me. (There will be discounts for my website for blog followers, so don't miss out, especially with Christmas coming (and my cheapest item is under £2 so something in everyone's budget)

Signing off for today, back soon

F xx

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  1. Congratulations on the new blog, I look forward to seeing more!