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Friday, 4 November 2011

Latest Creations with AccuQuilt

Hello, today I thought I'd show you some of the items I have created with my new AccuQuilt Go, before I move on to some more designs.

You may have seen on a previous blog that I made an 'Owl' cushion following a pattern from one of the AccuQuilt books, well I decided it would be better and more fun to make up my own. So I decided to start with a cushion.

For this cushion I started with a 16 inch square, and simply played with hearts. I cut a number of hearts in 3 different colours, and just kept moving them around until I was happy with the look. I placed 4 large hearts in the centre and tucked smaller ones in underneath as I worked out. I had already added bondaweb to the fabric before cutting the hearts, so I removed the backing paper, sorted my design, and then just ironed so they all stayed in placed. I then simply stitched around the edges of each heart to ensure they were secure. Finally I attached an envelope back to the cushion, inserted pad and hey presto, cushion made in record time.
I am thinking about creating kits for this cushion in different colour ways, would love to know if anyone would be interested.

Having finished my cushion I decided to have a play with my small flower cutter. Again I added bondaweb to the fabric before cutting.

Again I cut a selection of flowers and leaves before I began, and just 'played' until I was happy, I decided it needed something more so added a butterfly to the design (again cut with my Go). I then removed the paper backing, ironed, stitched around, and hey presto a new wall hanging. With this I added wadding and the backing before stitching, so that it was quilted at the same time. Once all stitched, I bound the edges with the same fabric as the flowers, and added a channel on the back for hanging. Again I am thinking of doing kits, let me know if you'd be interested and what your favourite colours are.

What next was the following thought - well I had lots of hearts and flowers left over (getting a great collection now!) so I thought what about a Kindle cover.

I felt this needed something on the back too

I personally love the colours of this one, might have to keep it for my Kindle. There won't be kits for these, as I sell them on my website

I am going to spend some time today cutting, then tomorrow I am going to a craft fair, where I will be creating new designs, so people can see how I do them. If you're in the area please pop along and say hi (Feniton Devon). I might even have a special discount for you if you mention my blog.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow, and I'll post new makes as I do them

Signing off for today

f xx


  1. Very interesting. Love the colours of the Kindle case. The wall hanging is amazing and love the cushion. You make it sound so easy.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, it is easy with the Go, because it only takes seconds to cut, and then it's like playing with Fuzzy Felt to get an arrangement that you like.

    F xx